Success in Santa Ana and Costa Mesa

Posted By: Chip Ahlswede Legislative Affairs, Advocacy Updates,

With the rise of tenant protection efforts throughout the state, city elected officials are looking for all sorts of ways that they can address the cost of housing and how it impacts residents. At least, that's the idea they are operating off.

However, very few of these elected officials have any experience in the housing industry - and that is where the problem often comes.

Once these ideas are implemented, the other thing to know is - it is very difficult to unwind them. But just like any big project, you approach it piece by piece - or as the old adage goes:

"How do you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time."

That is what we are dealing with in this industry - big ideas, brought forth by elected official with limited experience and understanding of our industry, steamrolled by tenants rights activist pressures, that need to be knocked down piece by piece.

Santa Ana's Rent Stabilization Ordinance is far reaching and problematic on many levels. AAOC is currently in a lawsuit against the city over their ordinance, attacking several pieces of the city's law. One of the components of that ordinance is the creation of a Rent Registry. The city of Santa Ana implemented a rent registry that required property owners to submit personal identifiable information about their tenants.

The city of Costa Mesa has been pursuing a Just Cause Eviction Ordinance for well over a year. They were also looking into rent registries, rent control, and vacancy taxes. The Just Cause Eviction Ordinance that the city was pursuing included a requirement that the rental housing provider provide two months relocation assistance to tenants experiencing a no-fault eviction.

And this is where the value of your advocacy comes in.

Both cities changed their approach as a result of AAOC's engagement with their efforts.

  • Santa Ana has abandoned their demand for intrusive tenant contact information.
  • Costa Mesa has looked to their own finances to fund a second month of relocation assistance.

These cities, their elected officials, and city staff have worked with the rental-housing industry to make reforms necessary to better represent the needs of the community.

Thank you for your efforts! 

However, there are many steps left to take in this process... and we need your assistance.

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