Affordable Housing Means Repealing Prop 19

Posted By: Chip Ahlswede Legislative Affairs, Advocacy Updates,

When the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association passed proposition 13 back in 1978 it was under the simple notion that keeping people in their homes meant keeping they needed to cap ever creeping upward of property taxes.

Since that historic win for property owners HJTA has notched several more wins - including the portability and transferability of property tax bases so that those housing costs can be kept low as families pass ownership of multifamily properties on to the next generation.

In 2020 however those benefits were dealt a major blow by the passage of Prop 19 - which implemented a significant tax hike upon the death of an owner and the transfer of property to their families. It was included in the ballot measure as a way to keep the proposition revenue neutral for the state.

However that increase in property tax is felt most of all by the renters.

The ever increasing costs to provide housing has been a problem many leaders have spoken about - but few are doing anything about it.

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is trying to qualify a bill for the November 2024 election, and is looking to gather signatures


We are asking you as AAOC members to not only get involved, but share this with your tenants as well - they are the ones most affected by these tax hikes. Get your tenants to sign and support, and get them involved in protecting their rents!

We have included a packet of information that you can share with your residents to help explain the issue to them in terms that identify how they are impacted.


And we encourage you to share with them the link - Repeal the Death Tax ( 

As well as encourage them to sign the petition