Welcome Home OC

WelcomeHomeOC is a landlord incentive program that provides financial incentives such as double security deposits, sign-on bonus, holding fees, and other assurances for landlords who rent units in Orange County to individuals, Veterans, and families with a housing voucher.

The program is a joint effort between the United to End Homelessness initiative, Orange County United Way, Public Housing Authorities, and rental property owners to reduce the time involved in the search for housing by increasing the availability of rental units.

The Apartment Association of Orange County (AAOC) has worked closely with Orange County United Way since the inception of this program and actively promotes AAOC member participation.

If you are interested in speaking with an AAOC representative about the WelcomeHomeOC program, contact AAOC Executive Director David Cordero at cordero@aaoc.com or (714) 245-9500.

For more information about the Welcome Home OC program, click here.

Property Owner Benefits
  • Vacancies Filled Quickly
    WelcomeHomeOC maintains a wait list of eligible families and individuals in need of housing, which means your vacancies will be filled quickly!
  • Rent Paid In Full & On Time
    Since the program’s inception in 2018, rent collection for participating units is 100%.
  • Low Turnover
    The program has a very low annual turnover rate of 5.6%! Compare this with the much higher 2018 Orange County average of 19.5%.
  • Zero Evictions
    Since the program’s inception in 2018, WelcomeHomeOC has housed more than 250 individuals and has had ZERO evictions.
  • Property Owner Stays in Control
    Property owners retain the right to review and select residents. A property owner may terminate tenancy at any time, with just cause, by providing the resident and WelcomeHomeOC a 90-day notice.

Property Owner Incentives
  • New Owner Participation Signing Bonus
    When a new owner agrees to rent to a program participant and has not rented to a program participant in the past two years, the property owner is eligible to receive a one-time payment of $500. A full year (12 month) lease agreement is required.
  • Security Deposit
    A security deposit of up to two months rent is provided to property owners.
  • Holding Fee
    Holding fees are also provided to property owners at per diem of monthly rent.
  • Damage Mitigation Fund
    Should the need arise, property owners will have access to an additional $3,000 per unit to cover damage mitigation claims.
  • Consistent and On-Time Rental Payment
    Public Housing Authority partners pay their portion of the contract rent through direct deposit to the property owner’s bank account and help hold residents responsible for paying their month rent portion on time.
  • Enhanced Customer Service & Assistance
    Includes streamlined set-up with Public Housing Authorities, direct access to qualified support specialists, and a Property Owner Manager Hotline for any urgent developments outside of business hours.

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