BIG Wins this week for AAOC

Posted By: Chip Ahlswede Industry, Legislative Affairs, Advocacy Updates,

The Council chambers were PACKED Tuesday night with Multifamily Industry Pros helping the members of the council better understand the reality of our industry. And the council clearly responded to YOUR efforts!

One month ago the council wanted an inspection program that was:

  • Included every rental property in the city
  • Established annual inspections
  • Charging over $100 per unit every year

After YOUR input, the city is scaling that program back to focus on:

  • Increasing education for property owners and tenants
  • Areas and properties that have high code enforcement violations
  • Properties without on-site management in those areas
  • Inspections every three years

Additionally we will have more interaction with council and staff as this process moves forward - allowing AAOC to work with our housing industry partners to create a more workable program for all parties.


The other big issue this week we were working on was meeting with our legislators in Sacramento on some BIG issues affecting our industry.

...And we were up against SIGNIFICANT opposition...

Hundreds of protesters gathered and marched around the capitol in support of Rent Control, and limiting the use of the Ellis Act in our industry.

In fact their tactics were SO UNRULY that capitol police were called to remove ORANGE COUNTY ACTIVISTS for threatening two of our local senators...

Fortunately our efforts were much better received as we met with our members of the legislature where we discussed 4 key bills before the legislature:
  • SB 466 (Wahab) which seeks to bring all rental properties in California under rent control by removing the Costa Hawkins protections.
  • SB 567 (Durazo) which seeks to cut rent control caps to 5% and weaken Ellis Act protections by extending the period of time a property has to remain off market after an eviction from 5 years to 10 years
  • AB 12 (Haney) which seeks to reduce security deposits from two months to one month
  • AB 1620 (Zbur) which seeks to regulate rents that can be charged for units made available to existing tenants who experience permanent disabilities.

After our efforts, we managed to get major amendments on SB 567 to:

  • Remove the proposed rent cap changes, and
  • Recognize the impact of inflation on the industry

These are steps in the right direction for sure - but the fight is far from over. These bills will all be heard on the floors of the legislature in the upcoming weeks - so stay tuned as we work together to help fight off these attacks on our industry.