Buena Park City Council Meeting

Oppose the city's proposed revisions to the rental inspection ordinance.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (PDT)
Category: Legislative

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Join fellow AAOC members in letting the Buena Park City Council know the realitise of the multifamily industry and why these proposed inspections are duplicative and unnecessary - and will ultimately lead to less affordable housing in our communities. Help them understand:

  • What communication methods you implement between you and tenants
  • How you create an understanding of roles, responsibilities, and reporting of repairs
  • Details on your response procedures to repair requests
  • What inspections currently exist that property owners regularly comply with
  • Requirements on property owners when entering a unit
  • Data on historical responses to requests
  • Protections afforded to tenants regarding repair requests
  • Impacts to property owners and their ability to provide quality housing as a result of
    • The Covid Eviction Moratoriums
    • The Covid Rent Increase Moratoriums
    • The Limitations on State Rent Controls
    • The surging costs due to inflation
    • The surging insurance costs
  • Experience with other Inspection programs, and what does and doesn’t work
  • How the inspection costs will impact affordability
  • Any information you believe the city needs to hear

The city council NEEDS to hear from Multifamily Professionals LIKE YOU!

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