Senate Judiciary Committee Rejects AAOC-Opposed AB 889

Advocacy Updates,

Assembly Bill 889 (Gipson), a bill that would have mandated that most every rental housing provider submit confidential information about ownership to the Secretary of State, was rejected this week by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

AAOC testified as a leading witness in opposition to the bill, which was sponsored by California YIMBY (Yes In My Back Yard) and the California Reinvestment Coalition.

Just a few weeks ago, AB 889 addressed an issue related to access to grocery stores. Then, in an abrupt turn of events, the author, through the urging of the sponsors, “gutted and amended" the bill to target residential rental property owners.

As amended, rental property owners would have been required to report their identity to the state of California! Why you ask? According to the sponsors, the public would be able to identify slumlords, identify every buyer, drive down the price of housing, stop or slow down bank mergers (should those banks make residential or commercial loans), prevent fraud, and are you ready for this . . . increase transparency!

AAOC countered each and every claim that the proponents made before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

When the initial vote on the bill was taken in the Senate Judiciary Committee, only Senator Durazo (D- Los Angeles) voted “Aye.” In the end, Senators Gonzalez (D- Long Beach) and Skinner (D- Oakland) joined Senator Durazo, but the bill never received the additional three "Aye" votes needed to pass the committee. Thank you to Committee Chair Tom Umberg (D- Santa Ana) who saw the wisdom of AAOC's arguments and voted "No."

AB 889 (Gipson) is now dead.

If you have questions, please email AAOC Vice President of Government Affairs Bill Christiansen.