Oppose SB 567

Posted By: Chip Ahlswede Legislative Affairs, Advocacy Updates,

Today we launched the call for action to oppose SB 567.

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SB 567 is another attempt to put restrictions on your ability to improve your properties, and give tenants additional rights over your property. We are asking members of the Assembly to VOTE NO on this bill.

Below is the text of the argument sent to all legislators on this issue - 

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SB567 will be heard on the Senate Floor. The Bill disincentivizes residential rental property owners to substantially improve rental units. SB 567 does not provide for emergency repairs.

The Apartment Association of Orange County (collectively providing market rate housing to approximately 340,000 California residents) do, hereby, respectfully request you to Vote NO on SB 567 for the following reasons:

  1. SB567 unnecessarily disincentives residential property owners from substantially remodeling rental units.
  • SB567 targets dilapidated, run down, “tired” residential rental units because it is more likely than not that substantial remodel is completed on older buildings not new buildings.
  • SB567 creates a disorganized process for a residential property owner to substantially remodel older dwelling units because current law provides different timelines for certain defined renters to vacate once a notice to evict is delivered.
  • Substantial remodels generally always require demolition. Generally, once a residential property owner contracts to substantially remodel, eviction notices are delivered, so that demolition may begin, and material is ordered.
  • SB567 will, however, force a property owner to wait an unknown period of time to being the demolition process and could cause further delay due to increased cost of material or availability of contractors based on a prohibition to begin a substantial repair until a permit is issued, which includes demolition.
  • The uncertainty of financial risk based unknown time delays caused by SB567 will likely deter property owners from investing in the appearance and amenities offered to renters of older dwelling units; thereby, eliminating substantial remodels altogether.
  1. SB567 will likely cause a residential rental property owner to make only required repairs to rental units.
  • SB567 will invariably cause residential property owners to prioritize securing the ability to make required repairs instead of attempting to substantially improve residential rental units to reflect neighborhood modernization.

SB567 should include provisions that create a symbiotic relationship among the renter, property owner, construction company, and local government regarding substantial improvements and required repairs.

Additionally, SB567 should also consider provisions that address emergency repairs to residential rental units damaged by natural disasters induced by climate change.

Thank you for Voting “No” on SB567.