Oppose AB 12

Posted By: Chip Ahlswede Legislative Affairs, Advocacy Updates,

Today we launched the call for action to oppose AB 12.

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AB 12 is another attempt to limit your ability to work with low or no credit applicants by limiting security deposits to only one month. We are asking members of the Senate to VOTE NO on this bill.

Below is the text of the argument sent to all legislators on this issue - 

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AB12 would bar residential rental property owners from obtaining security deposits that exceed one month’s rent. Current law permits a residential property owner to Obtain a security deposit of up to two months’ rent for an unfurnished residential unit.

The Apartment Association of Orange County covering the communities of Orange and Riverside Counties (members house approximately 350,000 California residents); does, hereby, respectfully request you to Vote NO on AB12 for the following reasons:

  1. AB12 may prevent low- and moderate -income households that have no credit history or Little credit from securing residential rental housing.
  • AB12 may have unintended consequences that could have the opposite effect it proposes to present because credit challenged households may not easily be able to relocate.
  • A security, according to current law, permits low- and mid-low-income earners a greater chance for a future renter’s application to be accepted. This is because it provides a property owner greater assurance that if a renter commits a material breach, there are funds to repair or remedy.
  • Low- and mid-low-income households, which are mainly comprised of students and people of color, are likely to be those most negatively affected by AB12 - the very people AB12 proposes to protect.
  • Low or no credit demonstrates an individual’s difficulty to pay bills timely; or, conversely, a burden by credit overload.
  • AB12 may cause residential property owners to prioritize the decision to rent strictly based on the totality of a renter applicant’s ability meet their financial obligations.

AB12 claims it protects renters from overburden regarding financial risk of a renter’s contractual material breach. AB12, however, fails to consider the alternative – not renting to households that need to relocate.

We ask you to reconsider your vote and vote no on AB12 to protect low- and mid-low-income renter applicants - to keep Californians housed.

Thank you for Voting “No” on AB12.