Santa Ana Rent Control Update (10/6/21)

Posted By: David Cordero Industry, Legislative Affairs, Advocacy Updates,


At approximately 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday, October 6, after nearly seven hours of public comment on the city's proposed rent control and just cause eviction ordinances, the Santa Ana City Council unexpectedly decided to redo their first reading and vote from two weeks earlier as a "cure" to potential violations of Brown Act open meeting laws that may have occurred. This level of caution by the city council proponents, which they hadn't previously shown, delayed their ability to approve the ordinances for two weeks. It will now be taken up at the October 19 city council meeting.

This change was the result of a legal challenge submitted by AAOC and its housing coalition partners following the September 21 city council meeting, and our continued pressure that the city meet with housing providers to find the RIGHT solution. However, we fully expect the mayor and council majority to approve the ordinances on October 19.

AAOC and its housing coalition partners are preparing to launch a referendum campaign once the city council approves the ordinances. Registered voters in Santa Ana will have the opportunity to sign a petition to qualify the referendum, which will force the city council to either rescind the ordinances or place the issue on the ballot for city voters to decide. Qualifying the referendum would place the ordinances on hold until the issue is finally resolved.

All rental-housing providers and industry partners are encouraged to contribute to AAOC’s Multi County Property Rights PAC, in support of the efforts being undertaken to overturn rent control and just cause eviction in Santa Ana.

Without your support we can't win this fight. Tenant activists are already planning where to take this next. We must stop this in Santa Ana before it spreads to your city!

Make an online contribution today by CLICKING HERE.

You can also contribute by check, payable to “Multi County Property Rights PAC” and mail it to:

525 Cabrillo Park Drive, Suite 125
Santa Ana, CA 92701

AAOC will keep you apprised as this campaign effort develops. We are ready to fight like hell to stop rent control from gaining a foothold in Orange County.

For more information, contact Chip Ahlswede at or 714.245-9500.