AAOC Guest Editorial Opposing Rent Control

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The current push for more rent control has made the conversation difficult in the public. AAOC has been working with elected officials to change the tide of support for policies such as rent control recently. Our efforts in Buena Park, Costa Mesa, and even Santa Ana have shown that we are effective when we get out there and present our case.

Where we have turned our focus to on this is the understanding that the public has on rent control. And this is where we will truly make a difference. Helping community leaders, homeowners, and even tenants understand the impact of these policies will be what makes the difference in elections - and specifically on ballot initiatives.

This weekend the Orange County Register - as well as the other 10 Southern California News Group publications - ran an opinion article penned by the Apartment Association of Orange County delivering a consumer-sided perspective on rent control and what happens when its passed

You can read the article by CLICKING HERE

The article is also included below if you can't open the link.

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Orange County Register Article opposing rent control as a solution to housing affordability
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