Code Of Ethics

I (we), the Supplier members of the Apartment Association of Orange County, recognize our duty to the rental housing owner, manager, fellow supplier, and the public in general. In order to provide the rental industry with the highest standard of integrity, honesty and professionalism in the conduct of our business, we do enact and bind ourselves to this code of ethics.

I (we) Shall:

  • Conform to all regulations, laws and ordinances pertaining to the conduct ofbusiness.

  • Not engage in misleading schemes, fraud, or any nonprofessional delivery of aproduct or service to a customer.

  • Promote the goodwill and image of the industry.

  • Present a true picture in advertising and representations to the generalmembership and rental housing industry.

  • Provide no services or products outside the member’s area of competence, andshall refer the customer to other sources whenever appropriate.