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The California Energy-Smart Homes program, implemented by TRC, provides incentives for adopting advanced energy measures and transitioning to all-electric residential construction. The program offers cash incentives for single family, multifamily low-rise, and ADU properties converting gas appliances and equipment to advanced electrical systems including heat pump space heating, heat pump water heating, electric or induction cooking, and electric clothes drying.

Heat pumps are key tools for decarbonization, as they are typically two to three times more efficient than traditional fossil fuel space heating and provide clean heating and cooling in one piece of equipment. By replacing fossil fuel-based home heating equipment with heat pumps, the potential for carbon emissions reduction is significant.

Multifamily low-rise (three stories or fewer) properties are eligible to enroll one or more buildings for whole building electrification incentives, the program does not require an entire property to convert to all-electric incentive eligibility. Energy-Smart Homes incentives are available to electric utility customers in PG&E®, SCE®, and SDG&E® territories through 2025 and can layer with TECH Clean California incentives where available.

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Photo of California Energy-Smart Homes

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